Data Seed

Dataseed generates randomized data for testing purposes. It can output data in a variety of formats or as an SQL insert file. This allows you to easily fill a database with dummy information when developing.

Generating Data

Create a dataset and give it a name. This should be the name of the table. If you are planing to export into SQL.
Describe your dataset by adding fields. You can select from a variety of data templates.
Generate and download the data!

Open Source

Dataseed is open source. It is written in Ruby and the sourcecode is hosted in a public git repository via BitBucket. You can download the source code here. Dataseed uses Ruby 1.9.3, Rails 3.1 and SQLite3. Although it should run on earlier verisons.


Find dataseed useful? Why not contribute? Head over to BitBucket and fork the project, add some features, and create a pull request. Its that easy.